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Lighting Design

Duets for My Valentine - February 2023 Regina Klenjoski Dance Company

Duets for My Valentine

Director: Regina Klenjoski , Choreographers: Regina Klenjoski, Denis A. Celestin, Aviance Battles, and Rile Reavis
Photos by Andy Gosh and Fernando Salazar

Hair: Then and Now - August 2021 Musical Theatre Heritage

Hair: Then and Now

Director: Nedra Dixon, Music Director: Mark Ferrell, Choreographer: Kenny Personett, Costume Designer: Georgianna Londre Buchanan
Photos by Cory Weaver

The White Rose - January 2020 The Coterie Theatre

The White Rose

Director: Jeff Church and Markus Potter, Scenic Designer: Lee O' Barker, Costume Designer: Lauren Long

Photos by Erin Stricker and courtesy of The Coterie Theatre

The Moors - November 2019 UMKC Theatre

The Moors

Director: Kim Martin-Cotton, Scenic Designer: Selena Gonzalez Lopez, Costume Designer: Trustin Adams

Photographer: Brian Paulette

The Light That Lights

The Light That Lights - November 2019 UMKC Dance